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Google Assistant is an official Google app which allows you to turn your Android smartphone into a virtual assistant. You can 'awaken' your assistant by clicking on the button on your smartphone’s homepage or simply by saying ‘OK Google’ into the microphone.

The possibilities that Google Assistant offers are huge. You can have it send an e-mail to any of your contacts by dictating the content to it. You can also tell it to make a phone call or send a Whatsapp message. Creating alarms and reminders also takes just a few seconds. You can even play music, take a selfie or check the weather forecast.

Google Assistant is an excellent virtual assistant that can do practically anything. You can also easily connect up your other devices such as your smartwatch, Google Home and many more through the configuration settings.
Here are the best virtual assistants available on Android

Virtual assistants are no longer a joke, and are now integrated in our daily lives thanks to an ever improving system of voice recognition and increased integration in external services. Nowadays there are many companies that are trying to get a piece of the pie in this inhospitable sector, which in 2017 established itself as a useful function for users of all levels. Android is one of the most influential platforms for these services, so we are going to run down some of the most popular virtual assistants and comment on their most interesting aspects.
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How to use the Google Assistant app on any Android

At this week's Google Pixel 2 presentation, several new features came to light that are associated with that device and, by extension, with Android 8 Oreo. One of the most significant was the release of the official app that allows the use of Google Assistant – till now only usable through Google Allo – on its own. Heads up to Spanish speakers that it still can't be used outside the Google chat service, but those of you who speak the language of Shakespeare can now check out its many capabilities.
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Android 6.0 or greater is required